Stories for Products

Start sharing what you care about, who you help, and the success stories you’ve created. Together we can craft inspirational videos that get to the heart of the complex problems you’re up against.

Eluse & Krue Product Story

Product demo, beauty, science, motion graphic

With decades of scientific research going into the Ellus & Krue EPI-gN Serum, they needed to tell its remarkable creation story to forge a deeper connection with their customers. By framing the story in the professor’s eyes, we highlight the importance of every ingredient with fluid animation and a unique hand-drawn style.

Oartech Product Demo

ANIMATED Product demo, health & fitness, 

Oartech couldn’t demo its advanced rowing machine to potential online customers, so we carefully designed an animation to display a true representation of the product being used. And by pinpointing the exact areas where this rowing machine beats the competition we showed how it provides a naturally safer workout.

Method Recycling

Product demo explainer, recycling system,  

Method struggled to get people excited about their revamp of the office bin. With vibrant character illustrations and bold brand colours we created a lively story around a familiar workplace everyone could relate to, while also explaining the green credentials of their waste management system.

ProSpeed Explainer

Animated Product demo, marine, 

Propspeed’s unique propellor coating works wonders, but isn’t easily understood by new customers. By using labelled diagrams and split-screen comparisons we made their technical explanation much easier to absorb, and by showing the product in action the benefits were clear for anyone to see.

Braums Product Demo

Animated Product demo, traffic lights,

Braums challenged the status quo with its Touch-Less pedestrian push button, so had to prove its new technology is safe. By drawing on current trends and health issues, we made a solid case for why this groundbreaking product would improve road safety and protect the general public from easily transmissible diseases.

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