SaaS Explainer Videos

Demonstrate what your software does, how it works, and the value it provides in a fraction of the time it with a SaaS explainer video. With your SaaS in action, on-screen viewers start learning immediately.

Atomic Overview

Software, saAs, explainer, in-app messaging 

Atomic required a explainer video that would effectively showcase the distinctiveness of their in-app messaging and how it allows companies to convey valuable and specific information instead of bombarding users with spam.

Giraffe Hero Video

Software, city planning, saAs explainer,3d 

Giraffe’s software revolutionises city planning, so we create an inclusive story that speaks directly to its three distinct stakeholders; architects, developers, and government. Using clean geometric shapes to walk-through the powerful capabilities, we present a clear vision for smarter cities.

Wipster Overview

Software, saAs, explainer, feedback tool

Wipster needs every user to know how their software has grown and changed. Our ‘Connect the Dots’ concept links together Wipster’s core functionality with its newest developments, whisking the viewer along a journey that showcases all its handy features in smooth animation.

Uclusion Explainer

Software, sAas, explainer video

Uclusion invented a software modification platform that promises countless benefits for software users and software developers, if they both use it. So we synchronise their stories, telling them side-by-side and showing how Uclusion’s innovative solution can fast track the improvement of any software.

DRIVO Overview

saas explainer, software, booking 

Drivo spent too much time explaining their car park management system in pitch meetings, so we brought it to life. The animation uses bird’s eye and cross section views, while weaving together software features and user benefits into an instantly understandable demonstration.

Oovuee Hero Video

Software, sAas, explainer, sas demo 

With an ingenious WordPress plugin capable of bringing curated video to every news article on the internet, all Oovvuu needs is reporters using it. We craft a visual language to resemble printing reels and focus on the idea of elevating news reporting, tapping into the mindset of journalists.


saas explainer, software, food ordering 

Cutting through a crowded industry is a hard thing to do, let alone getting the attention of busy Chef. So we told the story, clean and fast not to waste the viewer’s time and kept the transitions sharp and playful, so they watched it to the end. The results are tailored, personal and compelling.

Make Complex Software Simple

We unscramble the complexities of advanced software so it can be presented in an easily understandable way, and capture attention with a straightforward story that keeps people engaged.

Operate Effectively

  • Present a clear product overview 
  • Quickly teach the user how it works 
  • Increase conversions faster 

Got a Question?

It’s all about the story;  the product demo should clearly present the solution to the viewer and demonstrate how the features will help them.

We find motion graphic-styled videos work best in 2D or 3D as the approach can represent product features easily.

On average, it takes six weeks to produce an saas explainer, but it can be executed within two weeks.

It depends on what stage you are at with the software.  If it is a concept product, we can make it up, or if it’s a live product you will need to supply access to the platform and associate assets.

The production company is based in Byron Bay, Australia, and services companies all over the world, NewYork to Tasmania.

Between 90 and 120 seconds is the sweet spot. If you’d like to pitch an explain specific details or walk the viewer through the platform you will need more time.

We use our tried and tested creative process to craft the perfect product demo that’s created over three creative phrases: vision, story, and production.

We are a small studio, so expect to work hands-on with the director and copywriter throughout the creative process

Send us your script, and we will review it and suggest how well it will perform. In most cases, it just needs a slight word smith to make it sound compelling.

We can add basic motion to screenshots, if you want to animate them to express the features value it is best to provide Figma or PSD files.