Stories for Startups

Whether you’re disrupting a marketplace or creating a whole new one, you need people to understand what you do and trust you to do it well (we know, we were a startup once too).


Start-up, pRODUCT, explainer

ARK couldn’t succinctly explain their new technology in layman’s terms, and needed a video to help make sense of the modular design potential. We brought their impressive platform to life with visual story that replicate the design process and crafted a message to explain exactly what Ark does in under 60 seconds.


Cart Share

Software, start-up, explainer video, pitch  

Their discount sharing platform had huge potential, but CartShare didn’t know how to create excitement and awareness to get their creation really up and running. After creating a fantastically simple concept to explain exactly what Cart Share does in just 30 seconds, we designed lively character animations and directed an upbeat voiceover for a fun explainer that leaves a lasting impression. 


Start-up, pRODUCT, explainer

With a new wireless network monitoring system ready to launch, Ranlytics needed help to swiftly summarise the wide-ranging uses of their Kallo solution. To demonstrate the ease of installation we incorporated product photos alongside their three-step process, and by highlighting how ubiquitous wireless networks are now, we showcased real use case examples across public, industrial, and commercial sectors.



Software, START-UP, explainer video

TruLet aimed to revolutionise rental management with its AI-powered mobile platform, but needed to simply explain how the service would work in practice. We worked closely with their team to craft a fluid story that demonstrated the seamless efficiency of TruLet, while including specified colours and typography to reflect their distinctive branding.



START-UP, recruitment, explainer video

Joineree took an innovative new approach to recruitment, focusing on matching the right type of people to the right type of workplace, but needed help to explain the benefits to different audiences. We created focused messages for both employers and employees, combined with a distinct animation style that represented the forward-thinking nature of Joineree’s unique service.



Software, START-UP, explainer video, 3d  

BatNav’s Cell Engineer platform promised to make buying the right big battery easy, but they struggled to make businesses understand how important this was. With a simple story presenting batteries as the future of energy, we pointed out the pitfalls of choosing the wrong battery and succinctly explained how Cell Engineer’s tool matched the best battery to any requirement.

Explain Your Idea ​

With a dynamic visual story, you can truly connect with investors, show the true value your product brings to the world and clarify any doubts people might have about your next big idea.

Convince & Scale

  • Get customers believing in what you’re doing
  • Convince more investors to back your idea
  • Reinforce your brand and convey your character