Stories for Charities & Nonprofits

Start sharing what you care about, who you help, and the success stories you’ve created. Together we can craft inspirational videos that get to the heart of the complex problems you’re up against.

Red Cross International

Nonprofit, Covid, explainer video,

IFRC workers could see that the COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t reaching remote communities, so they desperately needed to show everyone how important it was to share the vaccine equally among the world’s countries. We framed their story in the style of a wildlife documentary, putting humans in the spotlight and presenting this serious issue in a way that couldn’t be ignored.

RSPCA Workplace Giving

Charity, Animals, explainer, character animation

RSPCA NSW joined forces with Workplace Giving Australia to boost donations, but communicating the benefits of the scheme to companies and employees proved difficult. Using playful animation to show the positive impact the fundraising has on animals, we created a compelling explanation of how it worked and why it was a win-win for everyone.

Cotton Australia

non-profit, farming, explainer video

Cotton Australia wanted to dispel the bad press cotton farming had received in the past, but didn’t know how to share all the eco-friendly farming improvements of the past 30 years. We created a story to showcase the entire cotton growing process, from planting to harvest, and highlighted how farmers caring for the land has created a much more efficient and sustainable cotton industry.

United Nations

non-profit, plastic waste, explainer

Plastic waste in our oceans is a huge problem, and the United Nations needed a way to raise awareness of just how serious the issue is while also highlighting ways to fix it. With an attention-grabbing opener we confronted viewers with the stark reality of the situation, then transitioned into an upbeat tone with a focus on why plastic waste is reaching our oceans and how it can be stopped.


RSPCA Cat Care


Changing the way pet owners care for their cats was a hard task for RSPCA NSW, so they needed  a video to show how much safer cats are when kept at home. We told the story from a cat lover’s point of view, with real-life examples of the dangers of roaming alongside fun illustrations of how cats can enjoy stimulating lives indoors and in backyard enclosures.

Create an Emotion

With an emotive visual story, you can truly connect with individuals and bring about collective action. You can also show your donors how their loyal support is being put to good use, so they keep spreading the good work you do.

Create Positive Change

  • Educate the public on your cause 
  • Inspire people to spread awareness 
  • Raise more donations