Discover Your Untold Story

 Our story-driven process is designed to craft compelling narratives by distilling down the core information into a powerful message your audience wants to hear and watch.

Phase 01

Crafting the Perfect Message

The first steps are crucial, and we ensure that we extract the essential information to create your story. We’ll interview you, distil the information, and create a concept to communicate the essentials to your audience.

What we'll do

  • Discover your message in a workshop
  • Define your story with a creative concept and script
  • Craft a brand style with a style guide for consistency
  • Find the right voice for your brand

Phase 02

Bring the Idea to Life

Our second phase focuses on creating a visual narrative that conveys your message in seconds. We’ll translate the script into a storyboard sketch and bring the ideas to life through the storyboard design.

What we'll create

  • Collaborate on the storyboard outline
  • Critique the style design
  • Review the storyboard design

Phase 03

Animation Production

With all the components in place, we’re ready to bring your story to life with confidence. Our team takes the reins to capture the essence of your message through animation and sound design.

What we'll produce

  • Record the voiceover
  • Review the technique with an animatic
  • Execute the animation production
  • Master the audio production

Our process is a true art form, and we have a proven track record of turning the most complex stories into compelling narratives.

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