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The challenge:

When you have an app that appeals to all sorts of different people, businesses, and government departments, it is hard to know who to talk to first. The creator of NeatStreets tirelessly tried to explain everything about how his idea could create safer neighbourhoods, but the essence was getting lost somewhere along the line. He wanted a video to make people believe in his vision, and we had 30 seconds to do it.

The solution:

When launching a new app, attracting new users to engage with it is everything, so that’s who we framed the story around. Problems played out in a logical sequence, with the app presented as the solution, all while tapping into the viewer’s sense of community spirit. Once we reach the call to action, it’s clear just how big a problem this service solves, and how simple it is for us all to get involved.

Client Testimonial

Working with thew Motion Story team was a pleasure. They knew exactly how to stage the development of our explainer video such that they picked our brain to understand exactly what we wanted out of it. Since the release of the explainer video, it continues to be very popular especially in our Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. We would not hesitate to use them again for further explainer video production

Neil Kuruppu

CEO PepperStack Global Pty

Project :

Neat streets app


30's App explainer video

Purpose :

Increase product awareness

Purpose :

Increase product awareness




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