Bambora | Payment Gateway


The challenge:

Payments solution specialist Bambora came to us wanting one thing; a hero video that would elevate them high above their competitors. It had to be fresh, relevant, and, above all, exciting. No boring tech talk or literal explanations. Created in conjunction with their brand revamp, we had to follow style guidelines so that the end result would fit perfectly with the launch of their new website.

The solution:

Working closely with the Bambora marketing team over the course of a year, this video evolved as their company did. We extracted the best from their branding, finessed language to illuminate their unique offerings (without getting bogged down in details), and designed imagery that gave a distinctive identity to an intangible service. All this created an incredibly powerful message, which was precisely what they wanted.

Client Testimonial

“I approached Motion Story with a very specific and challenging brief. I wanted something modern, abstract and exciting that broke free from the norm and really propelled Bambora’s product suite into a different, much more interesting space. I was immediately impressed with how quickly the Motion Story team elicited the information they needed to get going quickly and they nailed the script, storyboard and overview concept pretty much first round. They understood our brand and I always felt fully confident they could deliver our vision. Highly recommend!”

Victoria Galloway

Senior Creative Copywriter

Project :


Video Type :

30's 2d Motion Graphic

Purpose :

Commercial overview of the business to get their top line proposition across


Style Frames


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