IPA | Electric Car Road Tax


The challenge:

Electric cars are the new frontier for the automobile industry with the pros outweighing the cons when it comes to energy efficiencies.  But if the industry keeps growing and every car uses electricity, there will be no one left to pays the fuel excise to keep the roads maintained. It’s a big problem that needed a unique approach to explain why electric cars need start paying a road tax. 

The solution:

We set the story in the near future and framed it around an old lady questioning why the roads were in such bad conditions. This enabled us to pose the question from a non-bias point of view and respond to the question she asked with a clear explanation of how fuel excise tax works and how a road user charge will make it fair for all road users. 
Project :

IPA Australia

Video type :

90s Explainer Video

Purpose :

Awareness + Advertising




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