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The challenge:

Swell was passionate about bringing the power of financial analytics to small businesses, but they knew their target market would be a hard sell. They wanted to clearly convey why business owners needed their service and show just how valuable it could be. But above all, the video had to instill a firm feeling of trust in their potential new customers, so that they would have no qualms about sharing their financial data.

The solution:

We framed this story around discovery, revealing straight off the bat that Swell offered a way to uncover insights about a business that would help it grow. A female voiceover speaking in a calm, warm tone helped to build trust, as did pointing out the fact that behind the software was a real human consultant too. To grab attention on social media feeds we crafted a 30-second clip with the essentials, while achieving a complete service overview in just 60 seconds.

Client Testimonial

The task that we presented Motion Story with was to create an explainer video for a primarily online business advisory service, to be purchased as a subscription. The issues we faced was that our target audience was wide-ranging and there were various product features available across three user levels. Finally, we needed to translate accounting and business terminology into something accessible for small business owners with often limited financial knowledge. Working with experienced creatives at Motion Story allowed us to distill what was a large list of features into concise benefits that spea'k to our customer’s needs. Not only were we happy with the final product but the process involved assisted us to refine our wider marketing strategy and sales process. Motion Story were a pleasure to work with. Timelines and expectations were clearly defined at the start of the project and we were consistently kept informed of project milestones throughout the schedule.

Cameo Ash

CEO Swell Consulting

Project :

Swell Consulting

Video type :

60s motion graphic explainer

Purpose :

Awareness + Advertising




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