InfoView | Digital Expense Management


The challenge:

Infoview has been helping some of Australia’s biggest companies save money for decades, by bringing clarity to the chaotic world of IT expense management. With their powerful Oneview platform and talented hands-on analysts they’ve discovered countless ways of improving efficiency and reducing costs, but explaining the entire process succinctly was not their strong point. They wanted to completely demystify their service so that everyone could see the complete picture.

The solution:

We knuckled down with the team at Infoview for hours on end to discover everything going on under the hood. After achieving an all-encompassing vision of their software and service, we thoughtfully crafted a simple message to illuminate their work without compromising on the technical details. Creating awareness is the focus of the 30-second explainer, perfect for social newsfeeds, while the longer 2nd video explains the service at a granular level to help onboard new customers.


Project :


Video Type :

90's 2d Motion Graphic + 30's Hero

Objectives :

Awareness + Customer Onboarding




90s Product and service overview

45's Hero Video

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