Good2Pay | Paperless Invoicing


The challenge:

The way businesses bill each other hasn’t changed in decades, something the guys at Good2Pay knew all too well. Their ingenious system of digitising invoices and expediting payments completely eliminates the inefficiencies of paper billing, but they still needed to convince people to switch from their old ways. Our job was to show just how simple the transition to e-invoices could be and the positive change possible for every company.

The solution:

We hand-picked the most persuasive facts discovered through painstaking research to highlight how unreliable paper invoicing has become. After pointing out the time and money being wasted, attention shifted to the ease of integrating e-invoicing into existing accounting systems and the cost savings to expect. Custom illustrations were crafted to sync with existing branding, and in little over a minute you’re presented with a crystal clear reason why Good2Pay makes great business sense.

Client Testimonial

Project :


Video Type :

60's 2d Motion Graphic

Objectives :

Sales + Customer Onboarding




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