DRIV0 | Carpark Management


The challenge:

The guys at Drivo created a game-changing car park management solution for hotels, but pitch meetings with managers proved problematic. They spent too much time explaining how the system works instead of discussing the benefits it brings. And even then their potential clients didn’t always fully understand. Our task was to reveal the simplicity and profit-making potential of Drivo in a way that words alone had failed to do.

The solution:

We took viewers on a ride through the Drivo system, clearly demonstrating how it works in the real world for drivers and hotel staff. By intertwining the features of the software with the benefits for hotel management we made a compelling case for why hotel owners need Drivo. In just 100 seconds a level of understanding was created that left no room for confusion or misinterpretation. As one of their customers plainly put it, “I know exactly what you do now.”

Client Testimonial

While looking at different companies to do the video, it was Motion Story that prided itself on bringing complicated concepts into simple videos. We played a number of their videos and asked each other to explain what it is exactly they do. We could all explain each company objective after just one or two plays of their explainer videos. From the initial meeting, Jimmi and Daniel understood exactly what was required. They were great communicators and were accurate with hitting their deadlines. Both Jimmi and Daniel showed a genuine interest in our company and what we are trying to achieve. We felt this made the entire process easier for both parties, as we both wanted to see the positive effects of this video. The video exceeded our expectations and we couldn't recommend Motion Story any more highly.

Nick Russle
Project :

Drivo SAS Explainer

Video Type :

90's 2d Motion Graphic

Objectives :

Sales + Customer Onboarding




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