Hey You | Food Ordering


The challenge:

The creators of Hey You, an app enabling users to pre-order their takeaway coffee or lunch so it’s ready on arrival, were struggling to retain new customers. Freebies and discounts would spike downloads, but for 90% of new sign-ups it was a one-time use. They needed a video to make people realise the true value of the app, so it became a no-brainer to keep using it.

The solution:

Everyone would like to spend more time doing the things they enjoy, so we framed this video around the idea of avoiding queuing to do just that. The visual metaphor of the hourglass reinforced the message of wasting time, and the story propelled the viewer on a whirlwind journey of how they could improve their lifestyle with the Hey You app. By using an emotional hook, we created universal appeal.

Project :

Hey You Explainer

Video Type :

30's 2d Motion Graphic

Objectives :

Drive downloads + Create awareness




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