Senate Matching | Data Matching


The challenge:

Data Republic developed a new way to securely share personal identifiable information, and wanted to explain how they did it. It was complex, technical, and downright hard to get your head around, but it had to be presented in a way that would make sense to everyone. They shared stacks of dry details, flat diagrams, and programming jargon about Senate Matching for us to transform.

The solution:

To make the technical information we had to communicate easier to digest, we applied some storytelling techniques to the script and created a journey to show how Senate Matching works. With 3D design the action of encryption was brought to life, and a steady pace ensured viewers had time to take in all the details. By painting a conceptual picture of a product that is largely intangible, we made understanding it easier.

Client Testimonial

"Motionstory helped us craft an effective explainer video for a very technical and complex product called Senate Matching. The team came up with creative ideas to turn abstract concepts into clear visuals that customers could easily understand. They managed multiple stakeholders, were super responsive and very easy to work with. Our team were very impressed with the final animation and we have continued to work with Motionstory on other projects since."

Louisa McSpedden

Digital Marketing Manager at Data Republic

Project :

Senat Matching

Video Type:

120's Motion Graphic Explainer

Purpose :

Educate users + Product Release




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