Joineree | Market Place Recruitment


The challenge:

When somebody wants to disrupt an entire industry, you can’t help but sit up and take notice. Joineree came to us with their new approach to recruitment, where cultural fit was just as important as qualifications when matching employees with employers (and vice versa). They needed to quickly pitch their idea to two very different types of people, and also show how equally beneficial their platform was for each.

The solution:

We advised Joineree to isolate each of their audiences so that we could tailor a direct message for both. To create consistency for the Joineree brand, we used the same visual style across both videos, but the scripts for each were very different. In just 45 seconds the reasons why recruitment was more transparent, effective, and economical with Joineree were clear, for both the people hiring and the people wanting to be hired.

Project :

Joineree recruitment platform

Video Type :

2d character explainer video

Purpose :

Explain both sides of the platform to two audiences




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