Amplify | Live Music App


The challenge:

Launching a new app is never easy, no matter how good your idea is, and didn’t the co-founders of Amplify know it. Their new app tapped into the live music experience to help bands make more money and fans hear their favourite songs. Problem was, they didn’t know how to get across the potential of their digital service so that people would actually start using it.

The solution:

After identifying that support from bands was key to getting this app off the ground, we went to work targeting them in the video. The whole scenario revolved around a gig, to create an on-screen environment familiar to live performers. We made sure that viewers could see how the app actually works in real-life, while using bold visuals and sounds to make the whole thing feel like a launch event for Amplify.

Client Testimonial

The team at Motionstory are amazing, they exceeded my expectations and create a video that not only told the story but was an effective video then enabled us to scale the user base quickly.

Mark Bayer

Founder Amplify Live

Project :

Amplify App

Video Type :

30's App explainer video

Purpose :

Raise awareness of app




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