NSW Gov | Pinch Point Explained


The challenge:

The NSW Government is continually upgrading Sydney’s road network, and it’s important that Sydneysiders understand the reason for all these roadworks. They had proof of real benefits like reduced congestion and quicker travel times, which needed to be made public. We had two weeks to create a video that could succinctly communicate the success of their $225 million Pinch Point Program, which would then be circulated through an official press release and used as part of a broadcast.

The solution:

Getting stuck in traffic is something we can all get annoyed about, so we used it to engage our audience from the get-go. Instead of bombarding the viewers with dry and dull information, we injected energy into the video by using fun character animation to drive the story. Typography added emphasis to the important statistics and figures, making the message clear for the people of NSW; their road network is getting better every day.

Project :

NSW Roads & Pinch Point Programe

Video Type:

60's Animated explainer video

Purpose :

Press Release + Broadcast




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