Solar My School | Empowering Schools


The challenge:

When Solar My School came to us with their award-winning program we were blown away. They were leading the way in the shift to clean energy, and after runaway success across Sydney they wanted a hero video that could spread the word nationwide. Our job was to make students, teachers, communities, and councils understand why solar power is so effective for schools, and get everyone pumped about the positive change they could be a part of.

The solution:

We made it clear right from the get-go that Solar My School is a win-win for everyone. To create broad grassroots support among both business-minded and climate-conscious viewers, we carefully balanced the messaging between the cost savings and environmental benefits. Bright colours, cut-out illustrations, and a paper texture effect give the video a playful handmade feel, and in just 90 seconds the groundwork is laid for a planet-saving program.

Client Testimonial

Project :

Solar My School

Video Type :

60's 2d Explainer

Objectives :

Sales + Awareness




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